A Trusting Submission

One of the good possibilities in caring domination is trusting submission. Suppose you had a serious disease. Would you want a doctor you could trust? Yes. You would want to know that your doctor was competent and cared for you. Then you could just accept and trust what your doctor advised.

In essence, that's the trusting submission you might want to elicit in your mate.

The idea is this. He doesn't trust you because you are always right. No one is always right. He doesn't trust you because your decisions are always better than his. They can't always be better. He trusts you because you care about him and you work hard to make good decisions. And because he wants to feel submissive.

Trusting submission is not a part of the typical male fantasy. But your mate will probably enjoy trusting submission, if he can find it. He spends his life protecting himself from people who don't care and aren't competent. This will be a treat for him. This is the relationship he wants with you. No protecting himself and being suspicious. Just trust and acceptance.