The Good and Bad of Submissiveness

Submissiveness receives no respect in our society, because it contradicts the image of a strong male. But submissive men are good people. They want to please others, and they submit to a higher moral code. That makes them caring, kind, considerate, polite, reliable, and responsible. Do you want a husband who thinks only of himself, or one that is moral and wants you to be happy?

You also want a strong knight who can protect and provide for you and your children. It's in your genes. During courtship your mate had to show he was strong. But it might be nice if he accepted your direction, right? Especially when you know best, and especially to help you protect and provide for you and your children.

Actually living with a submissive is not always this pleasant. If you turn off his submission, that's a disaster, for you and him. You want his love and devotion. (See Living with a Submissive.)

The second problem is submissive kinks. They might offend your desire to see him as strong. But his kinks are not his fault, he did not choose them. And it is likely that they will decrease if you provide some domination and control. See Decreasing Kinks.< p>So you have a problem, but it is not a large problem. Your husband is not an abuser, alcoholic, drug addict, compulsive gambler, philanderer, or criminal. If your husband is a submissive with kinks, you have only a small problem. And we want this to be a positive problem for you. It can lead to the submissive crush, improved communication and caring, and a good relationship.