Step 4: Being Open

You might be able to stop with Step 3 and slowly grow into the relationship you want. But for the best possible relationship, for you and her, you need open and honest communication. That means telling her you are submissive and explaining that you need some kind of control or submission. If your kinks are still strong, you might tell her about those.

The previous steps prepared you and her for this moment. No, you cannot have someone else tell her. You have to be the brave knight.

Your honesty helps her know you better, and it frees you to be honest with her. You and she can now talk about domination and submission, though you still might want to avoid those words for as long as possible. You can send her to our website and we can explain about being a good caring dominant.


Will she act out your kinks? A happy caring domme is likely to grant favors, so your fantasies might come true. Our four-step plan is your best chance. But she might not, for many different reasons. If you try to pressure her, you are dominating. That won't work for you, and it will turn off her domination. Believe it or not, your kinks won't be as important to you.

Step 1. Understanding

Step 2. Hidden Submission

Step 3. One Foot out of the Closet

Step 4. Telling Her

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