Step 3: Open role-playing.

In Step 3, do something to bring your submissive behavior out in the open. In this step, your submission is treated like a game.

Do NOT call it submissiveness. The words submissive and dominant suggest satisfying kinks, and perhaps even exploitive or abusive domination. And you probably do not want your wife looking up submission and domination on the internet.


  • Lose a bet, so that you are her servant for a night. If you are, always be cheerfully and enthusiastically obedient. Your obedience strengthens her confidence as a dominant.
  • Ask her for her help/control on something you want to change. Her support could be telling you to do something or asking nicely. Again, if she does this, you need to be obedient and compliant, to strengthen her confidence as a dominant.
  • Be more open about your hidden submission. If you were treating her like a goddess, suggest that one night every week be her goddess night. If you were performing hidden service and she has started to take you for granted, try to have her ask you for the service or reward you with her happiness.
  • If you were practicing sexual service, you could suggest exploring domination and submission. You could tie her up one night, and she could tie you up the next. Be open to the possibility that she might like submission too.
  • Maybe you can negotiate your way out of dominance you don't like and into dominance you do like. If she is being angry, you could offer to do whatever she wants as long as she asks nicely. If she tries to dominate you in public, you can offer to comply at home if she stops being that way in public

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