Our archives contain TJ's saga of caring domination and contributions to our old messageboard.

Your man can go to attractiontraining.com to learn to be attracted to you.

Barbara Wright Abernathy wrote Venus On Top: Women Who Are Born To Lead And The Men Who Love Them. Her website contains useful information from her book. She believes that a dominant woman can have a good, normal relationship, and she seems to be exploring caring domination. See also her contribution to our message board. There's no whips or chains, or humiliation, just a dominant woman.

Akasha has excellent advice for starting domination and enjoying it, and developing your own style, not the male fantasy. Try The Good Girl's Guide to Female Domination or Enjoying female dominance: A guide

Amity Talks to Women is excellent tutorial for a learning how to be dominant and enjoy it, again building something that you enjoy, the not male fantasy.

Being a Dominant An excellent article by Midori on being a dominant.

How to Worship Your Wife

A serious reference for cross dressing is tri-ess.

A website with a selfish attitude towards domination but some good games is Real Women Don't Do Housework