Hidden Submission and Eliciting Dominance

Because you are submissive, you probably fight to seem nonsubmissive. Call that protecting yourself. You don't let people dominate you. That's more protecting yourself. It is also sending out all of the wrong signals if you actually wanted someone to dominate you. And being the opposite of who you really are is not exactly a good formula for happiness.

The "four-step" program is a path to eventually telling your wife or girlfriend that you want to be dominated. Step 2, and maybe even Step 3, are about hidden submission, which are ways of being submissive in normal interactions.

Step 1: Understanding

Overview: You need to understand why you are submissive and what you need. When you understand how she should dominate, you can help shape her. One of the preparations for telling your wife/girlfriend is that you do not feel guilty about your submission.

You can complete this step today and start Step 2.

Step 2: Hidden Submission

Overview: Your hidden submission could be service, worship, chastity, or sexual service. This lets you experience and practice submission, while warming your wife to her role as dominant.

You might also shape your wife into caring domination.

Step 3: Open role-playing, or One Foot out of the Closet

Overview: The third step is bringing your submissive behavior out in the open. Do NOT call it submissiveness. Examples include losing a bet, asking for her control to help you with something, or being more open about your hidden submission.

Step 4: Openness

Overview: To have a close and intimate relationship, you have to tell her you need control. You probably want to include the bedroom in your submissiveness, if that hasn't happened. You can invite her to visit our website, where we explain how to be a good caring dominant.

Basic Principles:

  • You can teach her about caring domination without topping from the bottom.
  • Your clean submission brings out the dominant in her.
  • Clean submission is being obedient, wanting to please her, service, and worship/pampering.
  • Think strong but obedient knight.

Step 1. Understanding

Step 2. Hidden Submission

Step 3. One Foot out of the Closet

Step 4. Telling Her

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