Dominating Women

To be honest, we know the least about dominating women. The following is a collection of guesses of how to dominate a normal female with a submissive streak.

Her great weakness is probably whether or not she is liked. You should frequently reassure her that you like her. Don't lie, tell the truth, but understand her need for reassurance.

Women have many opportunities in real life to be disrespected. Don't purposely add to it. You want to be as caring as you can.

She, like you, has to be strong in real life. She does not have an opportunity to be weak or a slut. These might plug into her fantasies. It might be hard to plug into the slut fantasy at first, but a common fantasy is Big Father Little Girl. One very thoughtful website suggests that most if not all male dominants play the father to the little girl.

Probably, she will enjoy pleasing you more than obeying you. You want a mix of both, of course. But generally let her use her energy and creativity to please you.

Area of Control

If you are to control one part of her life, sex is probably not the best first choice. Sex is not as closely associated with submission in woman as it is in men. Also, she has had many opportunities to let people take advantage of her regarding sex, and it will be difficult for you to appear caring.

One interesting choice is to guide her in some readings or learning. This is almost impossible to describe. Another very good choice is diet or exercise. Push her just a little, because you want her to succeed, and use rewards.

If you are a caring dominant, say about guided readings or diet, the sex will follow. The normal courtship pattern is first proving yourself. Recreate this pattern by being a caring dominant.