Being (or Acting) Dominant.

Dominance/submission is a primitive part of the human psyche. To plug into this primitive role, you have to appear strong. So be as strong as you can. Then fake the rest.

If your mate is submissive, he needs your domination. That gives you real power.

Being Strong

A challenging aspect of being a dominant can be taking responsibility for another person's life. But this is what you must do for your children -- decide what is best for them. So it's in your genes. You don't have to do it a lot, but you do have to be responsible.

Strong people have wants but not needs. They make the best of a bad situation and don't complain. They can fairly balance their needs against the needs of another person, and they are able to sacrifice their needs for the needs of another person when appropriate. They are swayed by information, but not by pressure from others.

These are all good things, traits you should strive for in your domination. Imagine you have a baby. You do what is best for the baby, and you can sacrifice your needs for the needs of the baby, when appropriate. You also care for you needs. You might not enjoy waking up in the middle of the night, but you make the best of it and don't complain to the baby.

Behaving Strong

Never trick a submissive into giving you something you want. That's what weak people do. Just demand, ask, or suggest your pleasure, as appropriate.

Never expect your mate to guess what you want and complain if he doesn't guess right. If there is something you want, tell him. If you want him to do his best without instruction, reward him for doing his best and do not punish him.

Acting Strong

If you are faking it, don't overdo it. Strong people do not continually show their strength (bluster). Instead, they establish their strength, then exert it only when needed.

Avoid being weak in your language. Don't say "I think this will be good for you", or "This will probably be good for you". Say "This will be good for you."