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Subject: TJ's story, part 10
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It has now been 13 weeks since I first “opened my heart” and began to reveal my submissiveness to my wife.

Something wonderful has happened: I got my first real scene! It came about because both of the kids got invited to friends houses for the evening. We were astonished at our luck. We haven’t had an evening alone in weeks, and since the kids have been out of school for the summer, we haven’t hardly had an afternoon alone either.

My wife delighted me by suggesting we take the evening into the den, onto the futon-couch that makes into a bed. This was a promising start, since, for her, sex usually equals the bedroom with the lights out. So, I spent the two hours before the second kid left thinking of how I could set up the den for our pleasure. I brought in all the candles I could find and a lighter. I brought a blanket to put down, pillows, made sure I had her lotion and my bottle of lubricant. I asked her if she wanted music and then got the boom box and a couple of CD’s. I closed all the windows in the den, all the curtains, and locked all the doors to the house (against kids who might burst back in without warning). Then I fixed us both a pitcher of margaritas and we watched TV until both kids were at last out of the house. As usual, she sat on the couch while I sat on the floor in front of her. From time to time I would kiss her on the leg or she would run her hand through my hair. At one point, she got up to do something and I slipped into the bedroom to ditch my clothes and put on a pair of rather revealing shorts that I frequently wear without underwear and which she appreciates.

When the last kid was out the door, I wasted no time. I ditched the shorts I was wearing, knelt there on the floor in front of her and began snuggling with her. I kept my hands behind my back the whole time. I’ve really come to appreciate this traditional submissive posture. Finally, at her suggestion we went to the den. I lit the candles, put on the music and turned the couch into a bed while she undressed.

She stretched out on the futon and I knelt down on the floor beside her and put my hands behind my back. Since she was in the middle of the mattress, I couldn’t reach her, so she leaned over to where we could kiss. As I kissed her, I poured everything I could out of my submissive soul: how much I loved having her as my Goddess, how much I loved being her boy, how much I wanted to please her without any thought of my own pleasure; that I wanted her to own me, to use me; that I wanted to be her boy toy, her fuck toy, whatever she wanted me to be. As I babbled on, she slowly moved her body closer to me so that I could reach her neck, then her breasts, with my mouth. By now I was shaking with desire.

She decided that one of the best means of foreplay was a full-body massage, so I immediately got up and fetched her lotion. When I got onto the bed, I was quizzed and had to assure her that I had been studying my books on massage so that I could do the best possible job for her. And I did. In fact, it was almost too long and relaxing a massage (half a pitcher of margaritas no doubt contributed to her mood).

After I finished with the massage, she pulled over next to her and we snuggled a bit. She ran her nails down my back and over my butt. I spread my legs for her and she obligingly ran them up and down the deep crevice and lingered over my anus (which I love). She pinched and slapped me on the butt, dug her nails in, and did all sorts of wonderful things to it, in a way that was particularly bold for her. Something about the way she did it gave me pause: was she more comfortable being dominant? Had she gotten more comfortable handling my body? Was she bolder because she had had something to drink?

Eventually, I asked her how else I could serve her. She asked me if I wanted to eat her. I reminded her that it didn’t matter what *I* wanted; all that mattered was what she wanted and that I would obey. So I was ordered to eat her. (This marks progress; it has only been in the last few months that she’s come to ask me for oral sex; usually I’m the one who offers it.) While I was serving her and enjoying the taste of my Goddess (somewhat muted because of the taste of lotion that I had gotten in my mouth), she kept running her fingers through my hair and over my face. This was a departure from usual, too, because she typically just lies still to enjoy oral sex. Finally, she lifted my head up and told me to use my fingers inside her, and I did. Now that my mouth was free, I babbled my love for her over and over again.

After a while, she asked if I wanted to fuck her. Since we were both obviously worked up, I didn’t bother reminding her again that I was hers to command and my wants didn’t matter. I simply said yes.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, my Goddess.”

“What do you want?”

“I want to fuck you.”

“You want to fuck me where?”

“Here,” I said, still running my fingers inside her, “in your beautiful cunt.”

“Beg for it.”

And beg I did. I don’t even remember what all I said, but it must’ve been the right thing, because she lifted her legs and said, “what do you want?”

“I want to fuck you, Goddess.”

“I can’t hear you.”

“I want to fuck you, Goddess!”

“I still can’t hear you.”


And she smiled and said, “Do it.”

So I did it. I even rammed her a bit too hard and had to back off a bit. Now a funny thing: maybe it was because I really didn’t want my own pleasure & wasn’t focusing on it, because I couldn’t cum, even though I really exhausted myself in the effort. Finally, I just collapsed on top of her.

I apologized for having to stop because I ran out of steam. “I suppose I ought to be punished for that.”

“No, not for that. But for presuming to think about what I ought to punish you for. I can’t let that go. We’ll get rid of all those thoughts in that pretty little head of yours,” she said, patting me on the top of the head.

“Yes, ma’am.”

When we had both caught our breath, she said, “Okay, now *I* want to be on top. Roll over. I’m going to use you.”

“Yes, please Goddess, use me, ride me for your pleasure.”

“What do you want?” she asked as she climbed on top.

“I want you to fuck me, Goddess.”



So she did. Until we were both exhausted and she collapsed on top of me. I still hadn’t cum.

She pronounced herself satisfied. Once I caught my breath again, I asked her please to let me serve her some more, whatever she wanted, that I still had some strength in me that I wanted to give her. Since I was still inside her, she rose up and rode me some more. I think I might have been able to cum on command if she had told me to cum, but I finally realized that I had to focus a bit on my own pleasure or we’d be here all night, so I focused. Then, at last,

“May I offer you my cum, Goddess?”

“Yes, you may.”

So I did, in an incredibly intense orgasm.

When she finally got off of me, we snuggled for a very long time. We were both really tired; it had been an exhausting encounter. I told her how much I had enjoyed the scene, and she said she liked it, too. Finally, we dragged ourselves off to bed where we both fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow.

The next morning, after I had put the den back in order and cleaned up everything from last night, we talked about the scene again and we both agreed that it had been really fun. I reminded her that I needed to be punished for presumption, and she said she would think about an appropriate punishment.

Once again, things are progressing very nicely. Slowly, but surely. And very, very enjoyably.

I love her SO much.

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