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Subject: TJ's story, part 9
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The next day, my wife had to make jam out of some fruit she had picked, so I took all the house-guests and the kids to go out for the afternoon.

I said to her, "You get to be alone all afternoon."

"Yup, just me and the fruit."

"I'm jealous of the fruit," I said, slipping my arms around her.

"You ought to be. I'm going to be eating it all afternoon."

Ach, my wife NEVER makes jokes that bawdy. We both laughed and I blushed deeply, which she thought was just marvelous.

Indeed, things progress nicely.

The day after that, we had planned an evening rendez-vous in spite of there still being house-guests around. We had made several little telling remarks to each other throughout the day and whispered our plans and desires to each other every time we were alone. It looked like it was shaping up to be a nicely submissive evening for me. As things turned out, I ended up staying up with the guests long after she went to bed, and even though we had agreed that I could wake her up when I got to bed, I can rarely bring myself to do that, so I left her alone to sleep.

Then I did something regrettable: I broke my promise to her and lay there in the bed and played with her toy. I wanted her so badly, but I couldn’t bring myself to wake her up just to satisfy my own desire. So I used her toy for my own pleasure. There was a particularly ferocious thunderstorm just before dawn the next morning, which woke me up. I again lay there in bed, aching for my wife, but there was no way I was going to wake her up that early, so I broke my promise again. Finally, when it got to be a reasonable hour of the morning – and before the house-guests stirred – I woke her up with affection.

She likes it when I wake her up by lying next to her close, and running my hands over her body and kissing her on the back of the neck. It doesn’t take long for her to get aroused. Before our affectionate encounter got very far, I came clean about what I had done: that I had broken my promise to her and played with her toy. She didn’t seem to take it to be too serious of an infraction, but I certainly did; I like being a man of my word, but I had failed myself and I had failed her. And besides, I remember distinctly her saying that if I played with her toy I was to be punished. She chuckled when I reminded her of this; I honestly think she had forgotten that she said it. What will be the outcome of it all, I don’t know. I told her I’d take any punishment she wanted, but I asked her that it not include forbidding me to touch her, and she agreed that would be too much to ask. I think there ought to be some kind of consequences for a blatant violation of a promise like this, but I think I’ll leave the specifics up to her. There are some physical things I might like to have done to me, but I don’t want her to get the impression I have a fetish of some kind; besides, is it really a punishment if it’s something I want? At any rate, I don’t know what’s going to happen on this score.

As we continued our foreplay, I told her how much I had wanted her the night before and this morning. She giggled at how often I kept repeating, “I love you so much,” like I didn’t have anything else to say, and maybe I didn’t. I told her I had played out a fantasy in my mind while I was pleasuring myself:

She calls me into the bedroom and tells me to take off my clothes. She then ties my hands behind my back and orders me to kneel down. Then we have a long verbal exchange like we did when I promised her I wouldn’t touch her toy, except this time we maintain eye contact the whole time we’re talking. After that, she orders me to have sex with her as she wants it.

I went on to say that sometimes I feel really submissive, while other times I don’t, but that this was one of the really submissive times. I told her how much I liked hearing her say she was my Goddess, how she owned me, how I existed for her pleasure. I told her how much I liked affirming these kinds of things and repeating them back to her. I asked her if we could do this scene sometime soon, and she agreed. I also said that I wanted to repeat the promise I had made and broken.

We then had really great sex, got up and tended to our house-guests.

Later in the day, she suggested that maybe we could “nap” sometime in the afternoon. Wow, I thought, she doesn’t usually ask for *that*. “Oh boy,” I said, “I get sex twice in one day.” “Who said anything about sex?” was her comeback. “Oops, I guess *you* get sex twice today and I get whatever, right?” To this, she just laughed.


As it turned out, the next week was really busy and we didn’t have much opportunity to play. My punishment consisted of having to cook dinner one evening that she came home frazzled. Admittedly, it wasn’t much of a punishment at all, but it was a tangible gesture that she thought of and that she imposed. I made a point of reemphasizing while on my knees just how seriously I took the promise I made to her, how I had failed myself and her in breaking it, and that I needed to have some kind of punishment or penance because a boy’s promise to his Goddess is a Really Big Deal and can’t be ignored with impunity. I think I helped her understand how seriously I take all of this.

We did manage to have sex a couple of times during the week. They were good encounters. The first one was really playful. I’m usually undressed before my wife is, so this evening, I helped her to get undressed, too. She grabbed me by my manhood and led me to the bed. Foreplay was long and very mutual: we took turns pleasing each other. I was feeling really submissive and talked a lot about how I was feeling so she could understand me better. She seems to be getting more comfortable with her dominance lately and has been more open and playful in bed. At one point she had me on my back and was lying beside me with her hand on my cock. Part of our conversation went something like this:

“I’m your Goddess.”

“Yes, you’re my Goddess.”

“You’ll do what ever I say.”

“I’ll do whatever you say.”

“I can make you do anything.”

“Yes, you can make me do anything.”

“I can make you moan,” and she proceeds to do just exactly the right thing to make me moan.

“I can make you hold your breath,” and she rubs my cock just so, so that I arch my back and tense up my whole body; It’s so good I can’t breathe when she rubs me like that.

“You see,” she says with a giggle, “you’re mine.”

And I melt.

The second encounter, which occurred on Saturday morning, was very quiet and vanilla, very much in keeping with the beautiful, peaceful morning we woke up to.

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