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Subject: TJ's story, part 8
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The next day, my wife’s schedule was still different than mine, so once again, I had a lot of time on my hands. I was still feeling edgy because I was unable to touch myself (per my promise to my wife). Still, I kept my promise intact and kept myself very busy with other things to distract me from the “itch.”

That evening, when she got home and was reclining on the couch, I found myself in my ususal position: sitting on the floor in front of her, which is my subtle, okay-in-front-of-the-kids submissive posture. Sometimes we just sit like that, sometimes we hold hands, or she will lay her hand on my shoulder or play with my hair. Frequently, if we’re alone, I will turn around and kneel on the floor to snuggle against her neck. Tonight, however, with the kids out of sight, I got a whole lot more forward with my affection: I kissed her all over, told her how mad I was for her, how I wanted to lose myself in loving her. I ran my hands all over her and buried my face in her crotch. We, um, forgot about the show on TV we were watching and decided we could turn in early.

Before I was able ask how I could serve her this evening, my wife asked me what *I* wanted, so I told her: I’ve really missed feeling a hand on my cock the last several days. I wanted her to rub my cock for me; then I wanted to eat her, because I longed for her taste and her scent; then I wanted to fuck her like an animal. So that’s what TJ got that night.

My wife rubbed my cock in that magical way of hers. Because I had been without any kind of stimulation for the last several days, I was extremely sensitive to her touch. Every stroke caused my whole body to tense up with the pleasure of it; I could scarcely breathe. All I could do was hold on to my ass and try not to let any of my muscles cramp up. (Really, we have to talk about putting the straps back on the bedposts, at least the ones at the top of the bed. It helps a lot to be able to hold onto something, to have something to strain against, while she rubs my cock like this.)

After she had finished, she lay down on top of me while I caught my breath. I told her I wanted to please her with my mouth, to make it as good as I could for her, that I wanted to fuck her with my mouth. She raised up on her knees while I slid down between her legs and enjoyed the taste of my woman. She moved herself back and forth over my mouth, and from side to side, so that my tongue would find exactly the right place to give her pleasure. A couple of times she even slid up so far that I was using my nose to rub her clit. And how good she smells to me!

When I had given her oral sex to my satisfaction (after all, I was getting to do what *I* wanted for a change), I proceeded to fuck her like an animal, as I said I wanted to. It was an exhilarating orgasm. Once I came, I had a sudden realization: since I can’t touch myself anymore, this might be the last stimulation my cock gets in a while. I decided I had better keep on pumping her for as long as I could...

On Friday, the 4th of July, we took the kids to a carnival in the early afternoon. While they were on the rides, my wife and I sat together and uttered sweet nothings to each other. Actually, they were pretty brazen nothings, if the truth be told. She had me hard a couple of times just resting her hand on my thigh. With the teasing starting so early in the day, it was looking like there would be more fireworks in the bedroom tonight than there would be in the sky. Later that afternoon, as she reclined on the couch and I was sitting on the floor beside her, I again got really forward with my affection and kissed her and rubbed her all over, finally ending up with my hand resting over her crotch. I asked if I would be finding a Goddess in my bed tonight (most likely), if I could serve her (most probably), if she would use me for her pleasure and not release me from her service until I had satisfied her completely (that sounds good). Yup, everything was lining up nicely.

Then, after dinner, while we were all relaxing in the sunroom, she got up and went into the house and didn’t come back out. I found her sitting in the bed in the dark with a pained expression on her face. Apparently, she’d had too much sun and developed some kind of migraine headache. She even threw up several times. So, I took the kids off to see fireworks and left her home in her misery. She was asleep when we got back.

The next morning, she slept later than I did. I came back into the bedroom later and found her awake, so I crawled in bed with her. She told me she was feeling a lot better, though she was tired. She then went on to say that she knew I felt bad about last night not working out as we had planned. I allowed that I was disappointed, but that, of course, I understood and wasn’t upset. She said she didn’t want me going all day long frustrated, especially since we had house-guests coming for the weekend, so she gave me a pass to go relieve myself. I was taken aback. That was so sweet! I told her how sweet she was to allow me that, and how much I loved her. She said that she was just providing for the “care and feeding” of her toy. I said that I would be her obedient Knight and do what she told me to. Later, when I went to take my shower, I masturbated to ejaculation for the first time in 11 weeks.

Now what made getting the “pass” so sweet was not that I got to jerk off. Honestly, I would have preferred not to, for fear of rekindling old habits. What was so sweet was that my wife, my Goddess, had woken up in the morning after a terrible evening, given some thought to my state of mind and my desires, and decided that what I needed was to go relieve myself. Now, isn’t that what a dominant woman is supposed to do for her submissive husband, take care of these sorts of things? Up to this point, I’ve had to take the initiative in talking about these sorts of things or reminding her about changing aspects and different expectations in our new lifestyle. I think it marks another milestone in our D/s relationship that she thought about this and acted on it all by herself.

Yes, I think things are prospering right along. I love her so much!

TJ, his Goddess’s exceptionally happy boy


RE: TJ's story, part 8
IP: Logged

TJ wrote
>What was so sweet was that my wife, my Goddess, had woken up in the morning after a terrible evening, given some thought to my state of mind and my desires, and decided that what I needed was to go relieve myself.

I asked TJ

>Don't you love the feeling that your wife is caring for you and thinking about what is best for you?

He answered

>YES! I just melt inside & fall in love with her all over again.

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