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Subject: TJ's story, part 6
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About a week later...

In the evening, when she went to bed, I knelt down on the floor at her side of the bed and reiterated how happy I’d been since I expressed my submission to her, how much I was enjoying it. I reminded her that, in the beginning of all of this, I had wanted two things, one was to be submissive, the other was for more sexual attention for myself. I went on to say that I liked taking my submission outside of the bedroom: making her coffee in the morning and fetching the newspaper, sitting on the floor beside her while she was on the couch, etc. Still, I wanted to know what it felt like to be controlled, and to for that to happen, she needed to do some controlling. She said it was hard for her and that she wasn’t sure she could do a good job of it. I was as reassuring and affirming as I could be.

I asked her what I could do to serve her this evening. She decided on a whole body massage with the lotion I had bought her. She enjoys these massages so much she suggested, in the middle of this one, that I should get a book on massage. I told her I would be happy to get a book on it so I could do a better job for her.

She then asked me what I would say if she didn’t want to go any further this evening and that she was tired. I told her I would be obedient, go to my side of the bed, and leave her alone. She said I needed to save my orgasm for tomorrow, and maybe, just maybe I could cum then. She said she would tease me all day and keep me horny. The whole conversation was very quiet and relaxed. I was obedient and went to my side of the bed and let her get to sleep.

The next morning, I had been awake long before she woke up, which is typical for me. I mentioned to her that I had had a hard-on since I got up. She was not surprised. Later that day, while we were out running errands (which included a stop by a bookstore to pick up a couple of books on massage), we casually discussed miscellaneous aspects of dominance and submission. “Who’d’ve believed it,” I said, “two months ago I mention a submissive streak and now I’m learning massage.” “Next it’ll be a cock cage,” she offered playfully. “Who’d’ve believed it,” I said, “two months ago I mention a submissive streak and now it’s massage and a cock cage.”

I waited all day long for the promised cock teasing I was supposed to get. It wasn’t until we were driving out to dinner that she began to rest her hand on my thigh and stroke my leg, which she did to and from the restaurant. This is a good sign, I thought, she remembered.

Then, that night, we began our time together with snuggling and mutual back scratching, which we both love. After a nice, long relaxing back scratch, she moved her hand onto my cock and began giving me hand-job. I’ve already mentioned that her hand-job is the most intense pleasure I’ve ever felt and that my whole body just goes rigid, every muscle contracts, and I can’t even breathe, the pleasure is so great. She worked my cock for several minutes and left me panting and feeling like some kind of sex-crazed animal.

I pulled her on top of me. She really likes it when she’s on top of me, holding my cock between her legs, and humping me so that my cock rubs against her clit. I think she could do this for hours. As for myself, I’m still worked up from the hand-job, and I ask her to tell me that I belong to her. She picks up on this immediately: “You belong to me. You’re mine. I own you. I own your cock. I own your orgasm.” I get wilder and wilder and repeat back to her everything she says, affirming it, trying to feel how real it is: “Yes, I belong to you. I’m yours. You own me; you own me. My cock is yours. My orgasms are yours.”

Then suddenly, she rolls off of me. “Yes, I own your orgasm, and tonight you’re not getting one.”

I can’t describe the shock I feel! She’s never said anything like this before! She’s never done anything like this before!

She lay on her back, and I snuggled up next to her, lying on my side. The base of my cock rested against her hip, the rest of it pointed up into the air, which I was humping hard, getting nowhere. My hand reached automatically for her clit and started rubbing it, my mouth went to her breast and I started sucking. I couldn’t stop myself. I couldn’t stop humping and rubbing and sucking. I can’t describe what I was thinking. I don’t think I was thinking at all; I think all I was doing was feeling, and I can’t even describe what I was feeling.

She said, “I’m going to leave you frustrated tonight. Maybe tomorrow night you can cum.” Okay, I agree that it will be that way and I start losing my mind in love and admiration of this woman who has been such an incredible tease since before dinner.

But she wasn’t finished: “Tomorrow, you’re going to be frustrated for me. And don’t you dare touch it. Don’t touch my toy. It’s mine. I don’t want you playing with my toy. Promise me, promise me you won’t touch it. Promise me you won’t play with it.”

Over and over she says things like this, again and again, and I repeat every bit of it after her in greater and greater desperation: “I won’t touch it. I won’t touch your toy. I won’t play with it. I’ll only touch it to pee and bath. I promise I won’t play with it.”

“Don’t touch my toy. If you do, you’ll have to be punished.” (!)

“Okay, I won’t touch your toy.”

“Are you going to suffer?”

“Yes, I’m going to suffer.”

All this time, I keep panting, and humping air and rubbing her clit. I can’t stop moving. Where is my mind going? I feel like I don’t have will anymore, I can’t think. Only my Goddess fills my awareness. I can’t describe what I was feeling.

Finally, she stops talking and after several minutes I calm down a little bit and climb on top of her. I’m still dizzy with what just passed between us and panting for breath. I tell her, “I love you so much. You said yesterday that it’s hard for you to be dominant, but god, you’re excellent at it.”

She giggled said, “Next week I’ll get my whips and chains.”

“Promises, promises,” I say. “...But see? You don’t need them. You have this power in you all by yourself.” I repeated my promises to her again: that I won’t touch her toy or play with it except to pee and to bathe.

I realize that our time together is starting to wind down. I ask if there is anything else I can do for her. She says no. I confess that I love having my Goddess. She says she likes having her boy. Something in the way said it caught my ear.

“Is that who I am,” I ask, “your boy?”

“Yep, you’re my boy.”

So I guess were now the Goddess and her boy.

She then tells me to get to my side of the bed and go to sleep. She playfully makes it known I’m to keep my hands to myself and not bother her anymore. But I can hold her hand, ... and I can suck on my fingers if I want to (the ones that have been rubbing her). She says I can dream about her toy. I ask if I can dream about how she will use it for her pleasure, and she says yes. I hope I dream tonight...

So we lay there, holding hands, I tell her, as best I can, how I felt while she was making me promise, how wonderful it was, to feel so vulnerable, so open, so submissive, and how much I loved her, and trusted her. I feel so controlled. I want to cum so badly, but I want to please her even more than that. I told her that I’m willing to suffer and endure for her, that I’ll be a man of my word because I love her. She calls me her knight.

She turns loose of my hand, leans over to kiss me, and says goodnight. “Goodnight” always means “we’re finished for the night and it’s time to go to sleep.” I lay there, yearning to take her, even to touch her, knowing that I can’t. I put my fingers in my mouth and suck off all the taste of her that clings to them. Then I realize that my Goddess has given me a name: her boy, and the thought of it brings me to the edge of tears.

I’m amazed at what has happened. I’m just overwhelmed by it all. It took me over 3 hours to get to sleep – and we had already started late – and I had a raging hard-on most of the time so that it was hard for me to lay on my stomach, which is how I typically fall asleep. I’m still overwhelmed this morning.

We passed a real milestone last night.

I had to be gone most of the day, but I found the opportunity to take her aside and ask her something, before I left the house. “Did you enjoy yourself last night?” “Yeah, I did,” she said, smiling, “ in a sadistic sort of way.”

TJ, his Goddess’s boy.

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