You have to admire a species where the men care for the women, the women care for the children, and the most powerful human being on the planet is a newborn baby.

TJ's Story

TJ posted his experiences on a messageboard this web site once had.
TJ's story Part 1
TJ's story Part 2
TJ's story Part 3
TJ's story Part 4
TJ's story Part 5
TJ's story Part 6
TJ's story Part 7
TJ's story Part 8
TJ's story Part 9
TJ's story Part 10
TJ's story Part 11

TJ's first question

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And you?

There is a need for more reports about caring domination, if you want to add to this list.


This website was once in a textbook format. There is more information in the following. Just so you know, it reads like a textbook.