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This website is about love, caring, strong relationships, and happy endings. It is about strong knights with allegiance to a caring Lady. It's about kinks and the tricky business of understanding and dealing with a submissive man.

Your mate perhaps wants to be enslaved. You want him to be enthralled. That's a happy ending for both of you. TJ talks about the new and wonderful sex life he has with his wife, his love for her, his new sense of freedom and wholeness, his joy in life, and more attention to his appearance.

All you have to do is, with no training or preparation, step into a challenging role our culture has taught you is wrong. You have to deal with his male fantasy and lead him to a place neither of your know exists.

For doing that, you will deserve to be treated like a Goddess.

You can do it, and you can enjoy it. This website is about our vision of domination, which we call Caring Domination. It is designed to work for you and work for him.

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